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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 20, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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this is bbc world news america. down to the wire in france. voters prepared to go to the polls in the first round of the presidential elections. we will assess the field. a passenger jet carrying 127 people crashes while trying to land in pakistan. police say there are no survivors. and bob marley on the big screen 30 years after the legendary musician's death. a new documentary looks back on his life. welcome to our viewers around the globe.
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an election fueled by economic incumbent.nd and we are not talking about the u.s. elections. it is france. voters will go to the polls for the first round of presidential balloting. >> not since 1981 has a socialist challenger won the french presidency. but they dared to believe. the first round vote will be close. the polls show he will beat nicolas sarkozy in the runoffs in two weeks' time. on sunday, the president appealed to the revolutionary spirit. rise up to the opinion polls. unemployment has risen. the working-class resent the wealthy elite who surround the
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president. he is sensitive to accusations that he is a bling-bling president. >> many people work a lot and do not get money. >> he does more things for the rich people. >> in a frenetic door-to-door campaign, the opponent has promised to change france to keep things the same. both candidates have dodged the fundamental debate that will be needed. >> when the real plan is issued, you can bet there will be a strong protest coming from the left and the right. >> the 2% of the french people will voted for two political extremes. one man promises to increase the minimum wage. on the far right, the man who
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stands against europe and immigration. it is not likely that either one of these men will reach the runoff. come monday morning in a race for the decisive second round to vote, the supporters of these two camps will be up for grabs. if the last war to win on may 6, it could change the political narrative in europe. the un treaty may be written. nicolas sarkozy and angela merkel worked hard on it. >> a lot of voters seem to be undecided. what sort of turnout is expected? >> that really depends on how much the candidates have managed to energize the votes. we have seen some chromatic
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campaigning. -- frenetic campaigning. sarkozy has been playing on these fears of the voters and the economic crisis, as if to tell them the sole heart and character of the nation is what they are fighting for. a similar message from his opponent. he has been in the area -- an area that traditionally of days for the right. we have been told by commentators that may be one in three french voters will stay away from the polls. >> how much of an impact has the eurozone crisis had on the election? >> very much so in the case of president sarkozy. he was playing on the working class.
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23% voted for him. work more to our and more was his slogan in 2007. it has not worked out that way. unemployment is at a record high. they have lost the international competitive edge. the public debt is rising as well. it is as much a vote on his character as much as his record. a lot of people i have spoken to in the last year or so have been saying it cannot be worse under a socialist candidate. the source of fear he has tried to sow and warning that a socialist presidency might lead to a run on the bond market has not played on the street. people do not think it can get worse. >> thank you. now to pakistan were impacted stand -- a passenger jet has crashed while trying to land in a thunderstorm in the capital.
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there are reportedly no survivors. the boeing are resinated in karachi. i spoke to the bbc's reports are in islamabad a short time ago. you were at the hospital. what can you tell us from their? >> no good news. we have seen ambulances coming from the site. there are a lot of distress relatives waiting at the hospital for some kind of news. those ambulances are only bringing the remains of those who have been killed, 118 passengers and nine crew were on board. this plan was just -- airplane was just minutes from landing. it came down in bad weather. it was a violent storm just after nightfall in this area. there are some suggestion that
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it -- suggestions that it exploded on impact. some feel it was struck by lightning. they saw it catch fire in mid flight. it did come down in an area that was sparsely populated. there is some damage to residential buildings. no word of casualties on the ground. as i say, no good news for the relatives waiting here. >> there is some concern about pakistan's airline safety record. has there been a formal response from the authorities yet? >> not as of yet. they say they have to launch an investigation and wait for the results of that investigation. there have been, in the last few years, a growing amount of concern about the maintenance of these new domestic airlines. this airline was carrying out its new world flight.
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that is the one that came down. there are worries about the plane. it is nearly 30 years old. they insist it was like were the. the pilot was experienced. there have been concerns about -- they insist it was flighty-worthy. there was another airplane that came down in 2010 and everybody was killed then. some relatives outside are angry indeed. they are saying this life should not have been allowed to take off. this sort of bad weather is expected at this time of year. the flight should be rescheduled. very distressing scenes and a lot of people want answers. >> thank you. in norway today, some of the most detailed and harrowing testimony yet was delivered at the trial of the man who went on
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a rampage at a youth camp disguised as policemen. some of the details are too distressing to report. our europe correspondent is calling the trial from the court and he brings us the latest. >> the atmosphere at court changed today as a country braced itself. you could imagine what was to come. throughout, it has been the suspect's detachment and his cold, on the emotional responses that have been most disturbing. today, he taught us through his killing spree as though he were describing a day at work. under normal circumstances, i am a nice person, he said. as he reached the island, he was thinking, i do not want to do this. then i thought, this is now or never. he killed 67 on the island.
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two others drowned trying to escape. inside the courtroom, he took us through a moment by moment account of what he did, from one victim to the next. it was exceedingly difficult to listen to, but impossible to ignore. it was horrific. at one point, he said people were paralyzed with fear in front of him. i put new ammunition in while they just stood there. then i shot them in the head. he ticked people, asking if they had seen the terrorist. some looked skeptical and some moved toward me. when they got closer, i lifted the gun and shot the first one in the head. many who survived his attacks left the courtroom in shock. >> it is really hard. i want to get angry. i just feel internet in sight of me.
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i cannot explain the feeling -- i just feel in to nasa -- emptyness inside of me. >> someone to hear no more from him. for others, it is important that he speaks. >> i think it is necessary for norway to hear and to learn. >> for nine more anguished weeks, they will pick apart what happened here and they will be haunted by the man in the dark. matthew price, bbc news, oslo. >> here in the united states, it is the trial of george zimmerman for shooting a 16-year-old trayvon martin. the judge said his bill at $115,000. >> in the suit and shackles, he was back in a florida courtroom
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facing a second-degree murder charge hoping to be granted bail. trayvon martin's parents were in court. mr. zimmerman addressed his parents. i did not know who he was -- how old he was. i did not know if he was armed or not. >> mr. zimmerman's parents testified by phone. >> you are aware what he -- aware of what he is charged with, is that correct? >> yes, that is correct. >> two accounts -- two months of competing accounts of how trayvon martin died. this photograph of the back of his head was taken minutes after the shooting. but the incident continues to
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stir deep anger among african americans in florida and beyond. they believed trayvon martin was followed and shot because he is black. they accused zimmerman and the police of racism. the decision to grant zimmerman bail was greeted with dismay. >> he watched the killer of his son. it was devastating because he got to give a self-serving apology to help him get a bond. they were outraged at that. >> it will take some days to work out the terms of his bail. he is expected to leave florida until his trial begins. >> in other news from around the world, thousands of egyptians gathered in the square calling on the military to hand over power to civilians. it is one of the biggest pro-
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democracy demonstration in mecca -- demonstrations in months. thousands of people have taken to the streets in bahrain demonstrating against the decision not to cancel the formula one grand prix. earlier, the kingdom's crown prince said postponing the event would empower extremists. it is the case that has shaken china's political establishment to the core. months after the death of the british businessman in a chinese hotel room, more questions than answers are emerging. there have been claims of a cover-up and the charges that the death may have been masterminded by the wife of one of china's rising political stars. our reporter while this report. >> it is the question that will not go away.
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how did hayward die here at this hotel in november? authorities have promised that the rule of law will prevail. as more dark secrets in march, will that happen? some say the 41-year-old businessman may have been murdered. his once powerful friend is under investigation. rumors swirled that his wife ordered the killing and that she was there when cyanide was slipped into hayward's drink. the city and its surroundings is home to more than 20 million. there is a crackdown on crime, smashing mafia gangs. thousands were arrested. many were businessmen tortured and forced to hand over their wealth.
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was a billionaire, he is in hiding outside china. he says he was held for three months, accused of crimes he did not commit and tortured. the police even took this photograph with him after he agreed to pay millions to secure his freedom. when he fled china, he says his family was arrested, too. my brother was tortured for six days and nights, he says. he is innocent and was sentenced to 18 years in prison. he says there are thousands like him. they kill people to silence them. death and the disregard for the law does not seem to bother the party. he spent billions on popular projects in the city, making it
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the fastest-growing metropolis in china. the chinese politician did great things for the people, this woman says. as you dig down through this story, it seems that the chinese politician's popularity became a threat for those in the communist party. hayward is a chance for them to bring him down. this former billionaire says he is too scared to come back until china has the rule of law and democracy. for now, is still has the rule of the communist party. there are many in this city who say they are victims, too and are waiting for the day they will seek justice. >> you are watching bbc world
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news america. still to come, decades after being separated from his family, one man uses the internet for an incredible reunion. breaking records is familiar territory to the british adventuress. three years ago, she became the first solo woman to row across the indian ocean. now she has a her sights on an even more challenging feat, a solo row across the indian ocean. >> one woman and her rowboat. this is sarah at her happiest. >> some slightly rougher stuff, which is always good fun. >> she will roll across the north pacific ocean from japan to canada. a solo row, which means there
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will be no support to vessels. just sarah alone rolling four and a half thousand miles. >> you are up and down. what is it going to be like all the way out at sea. ? >> you will get rolling waves as big as those trees of their. on top of that, you will get wind waves, which will be much smaller. they are still as tall as three story buildings. it is when they start crashing that they get tricky. today, no problem. >> this is part of sara's it attempt to sarah's loop the world. it has gained respect of her peers. >> absolutely incredible.
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it will mean she is the first and only woman ever to row across it so low, ever. >> she will set off in the next few days. >> we use online maps for everything from finding delayed its restaurants to navigating an unfamiliar cities. one man has used them to settle a heartbreaking mystery and reunite with his family. after he was mistakenly separated from his relatives, he has traced his way home. we have the incredible story. >> his life was at the beginning of an incredible journey. he was a sleeper on an indian train. he got sleepy and took a nap.
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>> i ended up in calcutta. a person, who is not even a native at heart -- it is extremely scary. no mother would let her child go into a place like that. >> he thought himself in an orphanage work and family all -- fell in love with him. >> i had images of my mother and my brother. >> 20 years passed and he could not shake the memories. he took to the internet. he scoured maps, tracing india's labyrinth of trendlines in calcutta. >> i noticed this train station. i thought, that has got to be it. it just looks right. >> with a photograph of himself
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as a child, he returned to the city. word spread quickly that this man was their long-lost boy. >> someone said, just wait here for a second. i will be back. i said, i am going to take you to your mother -- he said, i am going to take you to your mother. i thought, oh, my god. >> i was so happy. the happiness in my heart was as deep as the sea. i receipt -- i felt heaven on earth when i saw my son. >> his mother had relied on all she had, her faith. >> my only prayer was that god would fulfil my wish to meet my son before i died. >> she says she is grateful for the life he has in australia. he says he will return to her
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every year now he knows where to find her. >> what an amazing story. the subject of our next door is a global icon. the man who brought the sound of reggae to the masses. the first authorized film about bob marley's life has been released. it was seen by thousands in kingston. our reporter took a look. >> bob marley, the jamaican pop star and peace broker and, to many of his fans, something of a profit. last night, a new film about his life opened in jamaica. in the film, his widow, rica, spoke. -- rita, spoke. >> it is great for africans and americans to be here to watch
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this memorable program. >> he died 30 years ago and touches people through his music and his lyrics. the oscar-winning director of the documentary came to the project as a bob marley and, with the intention of revealing the man. >> he has human faults and everyone has human faults. i believe he is not a hypocrite. he believes what he was saying. he did get a lot of his money away. >> i do not have that type of riches. my rich's is life. >> you know about bob marley's background of having a white mother and a black father. >> it is written in the bible that all people will play and sing. what music would that be, but
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reggae? >> he became a hero in jamaica and for the island's politics. he survived an assassination attempt only to die a few years later from cancer. the film is already a hit with the 11 children he had during his life. ♪ music bringing today's show to a close. you can find constant updates on our website. to find out what we are working on, make sure you check out our facebook page. thank you for watching and have a good weekend.
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